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Digital Devil Saga Community

..Eat Them All..

DDS Community
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Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner Community

dds_community is dedicated to all things related to the Atlus game Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga I & II (also called 'Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner'). This includes art, fanart, doujinshi, literature, icons, layouts, cosplay, and general discussion of all things DDS.

• Please do post your DDS scans, DDS art, DDS literature, and anything relating to the Digital Devil Saga fandom!
Do ask for constructive criticism for your work if you want it - we can all use improvement, and communities are a way to get good feedback from others.

Do not advertise communities, RP journals, or other sites here unless they pertain to Digital Devil Saga.
Do not flame others and their work. Constructive criticism is appreciated, but tactless flaming is strongly discouraged. If you do flame and/or troll, and continue to do so, a moderator will remove you from the community.

• Since DDS is 15+ and a mature game, I have made the community for those 14 years and older. Mature materials are permitted, but make sure they are behind a LJ-cut and are properly marked (i.e. NSFW, NC-17, Gore).
• Also, please put considerably large scans, spoilers, doujinshi, or pieces of art behind a LJ-cut as well - it's just nicer to those who have slower internet connections and can't load a lot of images at once.

• Regarding artworks, please credit the author if you post doujinshi or art that you did not create yourself or art that is not official DDS art.

• And don't forget, have fun posting!

Icons by kidavi and iamfiction of dds_icons.

Moderated by ladyasul.