Leaving LiveJournal - who would like to moderate?

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to let you guys know that after many years on LiveJournal, I've decided to migrate myself over to a Wordpress blog, which means that I will no longer be the (very quiet) moderator on this community.

I will be deleting this community in the next seven days - if anyone wants to moderate this community and take over from here, I would be more than happy to pass along leadership to you! Please either comment to this post or otherwise contact me within the next week, and I will transfer the community over to you.

Cheers, and have a happy new year!
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AoEx: Coffee time gais

a little halp, please? ;u;

heya guys!

i wanna prettify my eljay lol and wondering if you guys can help me find little pixel icons of Embryons from Japanese artist fansites? ;o;

i-if you wanna help, i'll appreciate it very much! >< t-thanks! *hug in advance*;;
AoEx: Coffee time gais

oh wow

It surprised me, really, to find a dds community on LJ. I thot it's already dead for sure. But I'm mighty glad that there are some people who still appreciate the game. For me, DDS is really special. And  I actually never love something this long, honest.

Thanks for making this community exist. I really, really appreciate it. <3
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Gamespot and Assorted DDS Vids

All right, here's some more DDS videos for you, since I've been cleaning out my computer. :D

The first set come from Gamespot, and they include some short clips of scenes and a short playthrough.

Here is the link to the individual files of the Gamespot scenes.

Here is a link to the ZIP file.

The other is some assorted DDS videos I had in a folder.

Argilla Gets Angry.mpg
DDS2 Trailer.mpg
Gale Battle.mpg
Gale Running.mpg
Headin' to Karma City.mpg
Lamia Battle.mpg
Sera Comrades.mpg
Serph, Gale, and Argilla Transform.mpg
Vanguard Transform.mpg
Wind Shot Battle.mpg

Download the individual assorted files here.

Download the ZIP file here.

Happy watching!
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Yeah just joined, love the game blah blah blah, the world needs more Gale/Lupa
concrit loved

Title: To when we met again/ 3rd meetings are worth remembering
FAndon/Pairing: Digital Devil Saga (Gale/Lupa)
Summary: It was the Sun when I met him agian (minor spoilers for the last dungon of DDS2 but they're unoticable)

A/N constravtive crtasiasism needed and it seems my beta is too busy! so this is unbeta'a

Collapse )

DDS Doujinshi - Masher

Christmastime comes early again, you guys. *laughs* XD No, I wanted to upload this all before I jet for a conference, so here's the complete scan of Masher, one of my favourite DDS doujinshis, possibly because at the end is one of the most touching little mini-stories of Heat x Serph I've seen. It's called "Masher," and it's by Monaka Gengorou.

I'm not going to put the individual files on download, because it takes too much time, but clicking on the lj-cut will give you a preview of all the pages. If you click on them or the link below, you get the link to the larger files.

Also, contains crossdressing, yaoi, much like many doujinshis. :D Enjoy.

ZIP can be downloaded here.

Oh, speaking of which, I'm going to reload those Max Meat doujins, because I realized half of them are mirrored. o_o Oops.